Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Heroes Matter

Yesterday my friend and New York Times Best-Selling Author Brad Meltzer appeared on Glenn Beck's show and they spent an hour talking about heroes.

As much as I can't stomach Glenn Beck's politics, I gotta hand it to him on a job well done (except for the part where he bashes President Obama - if he'd left politics out of this, I'd have liked it even more). This was one amazing hour. Heroes matter. Who we admire and want to emulate matters. Heroes teach us values. They help us be better. Heroes change the world and they also change just one life. They aren't necessarily famous, rich, or obvious. We can each be a hero.

I love the stories Brad tells about Superman, Tiger Woods (not a hero), Frank Shankwitz, and the wives at Fort Hood. You will too.

By the way, trust me when I tell you that Brad Meltzer is a true hero.

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