Monday, December 14, 2009

Santa Wants To Call All The Good Girls & Boys

The other day I happened to discover this delightful FREE service from Kroger providing pre-recorded and personalized Santa* calls! And because I love each of you so much, I tested it out. Mind you receiving this call from Santa was strictly for research purposes and had nothing to do with my inner 8-year-old who still believes in Santa and needed to have that belief validated this year by speaking with the Jolly Old Elf himself.

In order to receive your own call from Santa (or to schedule calls for your kids), visit the Kroger website where you'll have to register using a zip code in which Kroger has stores. Because we don't have Kroger in Chicago, you can use 46240 for Indianapolis.

Once you've set up your Kroger account, you can schedule the date and time of your call along with the number Santa should call and the name of the call recipient. Then sit back and wait for Santa to call. You can schedule as many Santa calls as you'd like and they're all FREE!

*You can also choose to receive holiday calls from Sammy the Snowman or Tony Stewart.

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