Monday, December 7, 2009

Who Knew I Am A Bargain Shopper?

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine wanted to know what I wanted for Christmas and I (jokingly) told him I wanted the 2009 Victoria's Secret Harlequin Fantasy Bra. It's just a mere $3 million. Believe it or not, he laughed at me.

If you don't know, this bra contains over 2300 diamonds weighing a total of 150 carats, including the 16-carat dangling heart-shaped diamond. Victoria's Secret is pretty famous for their annual Fantasy Bra.

If you think this is outrageous, according to the Wall Street Journal, the 2009 Victoria Secret Harlequin Fantasy Bra, is only 1/10th of the total carat weight of the 2008 Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra.
For the record, the 2008 Fantasy Bra sold for $5,000,000 and had a total carat weight of 1500 carats.

So it turns out, I'm not delusional when it comes to Christmas gifts . . . I'm a bargain shopper. Now can I please have the Harlequin Fantasy Bra for Christmas?


  1. I've always wondered how "comfortable" those bras would be. Since I have my clothes ON much more often than OFF, I prefer comfort over beauty when it comes to my underwear.

    I must say, however, that I envy your knack for finding a "deal". The price difference between the two is like the perpetual sale at Kohls! Nice find!

  2. I agree with you Jennifer. I can't imagine this bra would be all that comfortable, especially under clothes. That said, if I owned this bra, I'm not sure I'd be motivated to cover it up!

    Oh, and it turns out that over the many years Victoria's Secret has been churning out these ridiculously over-priced fantasy bras, not one of them has ever been sold! So they're really just a way for VS to get a bunch of free PR. And surely they're reaping far more than $3M worth of PR from this bra (the free PR from LMS alone is worth AT LEAST $3M)!


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