Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How Will You Show Your Love?

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and the pressure is on to shower your beloved with the most romantic, over-the-top expression of your devotion EVER. If you think inside the box, you probably get suckered into the over-priced red roses and dinner at some 5-star restaurant where they've jacked up the prices 1000% just for the night. And there's nothing wrong with that.

Now, before you think I'm (a) not at all romantic or (b) just jaded because no one has ever done these things for me on Valentine's Day, let me assure you that I am in fact quite the romantic (possibly too romantic for my own good) and that although, it's true, no one has ever pulled out those kinds of stops for me on Valentine's Day, I am not jaded. I just believe that romance shouldn't be a one day a year expression and I also have an incredibly practical side.

I believe it's important to weave romance into everyday life. For me, romance is found in the little expressions, just as much, if not more so than the over-the-top ones. Plus, I value creativity, which is why even though White Castle isn't my thing, I think taking your beloved to White Castle could be kind of romantic. It shows you're not just using a standard playbook, but you can think outside of the box. And that's always sexy and romantic.

Show Her You Love Her - Take Her to White Castle
by Stefano Esposito, Chicago Sun-Times, January 19, 2010

You could blow a week's pay on fresh lobster, a bottle of bubbly and a quiet table with a waiter named Jean-Pierre to impress your sweetheart on Valentine's Day.

Or . . . you could surprise her with your, ah, thrift and willingness to stand out from the crowd by taking her out for the Valentine's special at your neighborhood White Castle, where, just for this occasion, they're offering a candlelit dinner, with tableside service and flowers.

They've done this before. Some people even dress up and rent a limo, says Jamie Richardson, a White Castle spokesman. They're taking reservations, too -- call (708) 458-4450, ext. 0.

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  1. My brother and his now wife used to and I don't know if they still do, went to Mcdonalds for Valentines Day every year. They started it when they were in college and couldn't necessarily afford to go out for a really nice meal, but even then, they went to McDs, and still might, because it was different.

    Heather and I went on the Sprecher brewery tour last year for V Day. So, yes, there is no reason White Castle can't be a V Day meal especially it sounds like they are going to really spiffy up the place.


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