Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's National Hugging Day!

It's National Hugging Day! In honor of this important holiday, because physical touch is important, and because I can't be there in person to hug you, cross your arms across your chest and pat yourself on the back a couple of times. You've just receive a hug from Little Merry Sunshine.

Don't forget to hug your co-workers, teammates, kids, spouses, friends, strangers on the street, clients, pets, in-laws (yes, even the ones you don't like), frenemies, mailman, garbage man, neighbors, store clerks (yes, even the grumpy ones and maybe especially the grumpy ones), professors, police officers (it probably won't get you out of that speeding ticket though) . . . . everyone you come in contact with today.

Hugs will make your day (and theirs) just a bit brighter.


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