Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 3: At the Wall

Today was the third day of the Run Across Palestine. For some unknown reason, Dave didn't send me a text while I was sleeping last night and my day was almost over when I finally heard from him. I had been pretty concerned most of the day, because, let's face it, the Middle East isn't exactly the safest place in the world and their group has already had one run in with Israeli military. But his text to me and his Facebook posting below put my mind at ease.

Here's what Dave had to say on Facebook:
Today, our third leg, approximately 27 miles. We all did very well, that is until the very end. The 6 miles inside Jerusalem was smooth, as was going through the wall. Having never seen the Berlin wall, I can only speculate as to its similarities, but how different can 16 -20 ft masses of concrete and barbed wire be. Once beyond the wall Reuters or the AP, not sure, wanted to interview Meryl, and she did a great job. I think I can speak for us all when I say that running was much better after the wall. Lots of support and encouragement from so many people we passed, literally hundreds, maybe thousands. I'm sure I have never greeted so many people in a day. As I said earlier the end was not easy. After gradual long climbs and slow descents we came upon a beautiful view from what seemed to be the highest point for miles only to see a very long descent leading to the steepest climb so far. Thankfully we were meet by some of the people and children of Arura that ran the last leg with us. We were greeted warmly, lots of cheers, hand shaking and good will, even the governor of Ramallah was on hand. The ladies of the town prepared a wonderful dinner of chicken, couscous, and soup, perfect after our run, which we shared with town elders. Finally, we met our hosts for the night. Josh and I slept at a home even higher up the hillside where we could see the lights of Tel Aviv and the nighttime darkness of the Mediterranean Sea. This will be spectacular in the morning. Before bed we shared good conversation and we were brought to a neighbors house where Josh jammed with new friends. After 4 days I have learned much, to much to tell it all here, but with absolute certainty I can say there are no invented people here, only real people.
Here's the new video about the day.

And check out this amazing picture of Dave in front of the wall dividing Palestine and Israel.

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