Sunday, February 5, 2012

Run Across Palestine: Day 1 "Not So Fast" and Day 2 Update

Here's the video of Run Across Palestine's encounter with the Israeli military. Once again, Dave and the entire group are fine. I'm so proud of my brother for being involved in such a worthy cause and helping change the world through peace.

As I write this morning, the run on Day 2 is over. I heard from Dave a few hours ago.
We just arrived in Jerusalem. Today was a longer run. Maybe 17-18 miles. Tomorrow probably 26 lies. It has all felt quite safe. Our connections here have taken good care of us.
Frankly, I'm incredibly jealous that my brother is seeing the epicenter of the world's three major religions: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. So incredibly powerful. I can only wonder if he'll come back feeling differently about religion.

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