Thursday, February 2, 2012

When Did "Liberal" Become a Dirty Word?

You may have seen this picture of Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC's The Last Word next to a quote about the word "liberal" attributed to him. I've seen it a bunch of times over the past week, but was never sure if it was really something he said, although the words seemed familiar to me.

And then tonight, while I was watching The Last Word, Lawrence O'Donnell explained the quote. For years, he has been outraged at the way Republicans throw around the word "liberal" like an ugly epithet. During the last season of The West Wing, when O'Donnell was one of the writers, he finally had the opportunity to write what he believes every liberal political candidate should say when a Republican tries to use liberal against them.

I will also wear the label "liberal" as a badge of honor. I'm liberal and I'm damn proud of it. And I agree with Lawrence O'Donnell. All liberal political candidates should memorize Senator Santos's words (aka Lawrence O'Donnell's words) and use them each and every time Republicans attempt to use it against us.

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  1. You can't imagine the timing of this post... I just read yet ANOTHER liberal-hate post from one of my co-religionists and I feel so frustrated.

    Last night as I drove home from a meeting, I was composing a post in my head about why people of my faith are ill-advised to use either label, to be honest. It is disingenuous, but that is another story.

    What really bothers me is the hateful accusations that liberals are some awful, evil creatures, hell-bent on destruction. It is sick, stupid and wrong.

    I really appreciate the O'Donnell image and the videos. Brava, LMS. You shine a light instead of casting dark. Good on you, woman!

    Thanks for coming to my rescue in my Google reader at exactly the moment I needed you!!


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