Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's the Little Things . . .

I was catching up on my favorite blogs a few minutes ago when I ran across a post from my friend Elise that I'd somehow missed when she originally posted it 11 days ago. Elise is a student at Lake Forest College I've had the incredible privilege to know over the past two years. This semester, she's studying in Botswana and documenting her experience in a delightful blog, Miss Post-it Goes Global. The post, Rising to the Challenge, is about her struggle to find the little things that make her happy while learning to adjust to life in a foreign country.

Elise reminded me tonight that it's the little things that matter the most, so I thought I'd take few minutes tonight to take stock of the little things that make me the happiest.

It's the little things that make me happy . . .
  • watching the sunrise in the morning and the sunset at night
  • crawling into my pre-heated bed each night thanks to my heated mattress pad
  • being woken at night by Betsey or Ross given me "kisses" on my eyelids
  • finding a rainbow
  • lunch at home in the middle of a busy work day
  • a freshly washed car
  • fresh white grapefruit
  • freshly painted toenails
  • a hug
  • an ice-cold glass of water
  • sitting across the dinner table from a very special friend
  • a handwritten note of praise or just telling me to have a good day
  • an unexpected phone call from a friend "just because"
  • finding cash in my pocket, even if it's just a dollar or two
  • fresh off the vine, perfectly ripe tomatoes (not the ones they sell in the store, the ones off the vine 10 minutes ago)
  • tulips, stargazer lilies, and daisies
  • fresh cut lavender
  • a full tank of gas in my car
  • sand between my toes
  • a hot shower
  • thunderstorms
  • sitting in front of a warm fire
  • the Northern Lights
  • snuggling on the sofa
  • a good book
  • mashed potatoes with lots of butter and garlic
  • sweet corn on the cob
  • Michigan cherries
  • a clean condo
  • swimming
  • the smile on someone's face when I do something or say something that makes them happy
  • doing Random Acts of Kindness

There are many other "little things" that make me happy as well, but these are the ones that immediately come to mind. What makes me happiest is that I've experienced 17 of those items since Saturday, so in the last 4 days.

I hope you have an equally long list of little things that make you happy each day.

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