Monday, November 11, 2013

100 New Experiences: 7 Month Update

I've been working on my 100 New Experiences list for exactly seven months today and I've had 68 new experiences so far!


So I have a new goal: 100 by December 31st and 150 by April 10, 2014.

Yep, you read that right. I've upped the ante 50%. Not to worry, I've got a plan.

By November 17th, I'll reach 73 New Experiences:

  • Reupholstering my dining room chairs (#29)
  • Hiking Lake County (#97)
  • Become a Deputy Voter Registrar (#131)
  • Apply to become a Notary Public (#132)
  • Build a futon (#138)
By November 24th, I plan to reach 76 New Experiences:
  • Workout everyday before work for 1 week (#80)
  • Visit the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum (#56)
  • Get my personal Inbox to ZERO (#66)
By December 1st, I will have had 81 New Experiences:
  • Complete the Plank Pose Challenge (#125)
  • Complete NaBloPoMo (#126)
  • Visit the Illinois Holocaust Museum (#46)
  • Try acupuncture (#107)
  • Open an Etsy store (#69)
By December 7th, I will reach 85 New Experiences:
  • Make curtains for my guest room (#119)
  • Move Little Merry Sunshine to its own domain (#98)
  • Pay off someone's layaway at Walmart (up to $100) (#77)
  • Climb an indoor rock climbing wall (#99)
By December 14th, I will reach 90 New Experiences:
  • Visit Zoolights (#109)
  • Visit the Chicago Cultural Center (#127)
  • Stand on the ledge at the Sears Tower (#26)
  • Find 2 more new experiences for this week
By December 22nd, I will have had 95 New Experiences:
  • Visit the Milwaukee Art Museum (#103)
  • Dine at the Hob Nob Supper Club (#60)
  • Have dinner at the Heartland Cafe (#136)
  • Visit the Field Museum (#35)
  • Have one more new experience this week
By December 31st, I will reach my goal of 100 New Experiences:
  • Ice skate at Millennium Park (#102)
  • Go to the Green Mill (#115)
  • Serve dinner in a soup kitchen (#41)
  • Visit the Museum of Science & Industry (#30)
  • Sing karaoke (#19)
And there you have it. That's my game plan for the next 6 1/2 weeks. Want to join me on any of my adventures? Let's team up!

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