Friday, November 8, 2013

My Friends Say the Darndest Things

Over the past couple of days, my friends have said things to me that, 36 hours later, still have me laughing so hard my sides hurt.

First up, Tony. He posted the following description of his day on Facebook.
"I feel like I have been standing all day in a room filled with 111 flying monkeys flinging feces at me."
Yep, I feel you, Tony. I had that day yesterday too. It was hard. But you put it into words far better than I could.

Next up, Amy. She'd been out late the night before and I sent her a text yesterday morning asking how she was feeling. About six hours later, I received this text in return.
"Like I got eaten by a coyote & shit off a cliff."
Oh, honey. That perfectly describes how I feel sometimes too. I hope you hydrated and good hangover food to ease your pain.

Holy cow, I have some damn funny friends. I just wish I could think of such witty things at the drop of a hat. Without a doubt, I'm going to find ways to incorporate these fantastic sayings into my everyday vernacular. When you hear them, you'll know the origin.

I must keep these people in my life. Thank you for being my friends and for keeping me in stitches.

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