Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bollywood Here I Come!

I'm going to be a movie star! Move over Kate Winslet and all those cute Slumdog Millionaire kids. I'm about to be the next "It Girl"!

Last night I received an email from a gentleman named MR. "Tony" at with the following message:
Hi Sir,

R u interested to play a roll of Hero in bollywood movie.

I'm sure the typos and reference to me in the masculine form are no big deal. MR. "Tony" was just trying to be hip. I mean, MR. "Tony" wouldn't have sent that to me if he weren't 100% legit, right?


  1. The movie that Angelina Jolie is working on was written for Tom Cruise. Clearly, the producers see you as an Angelinaesque actress who transcends gender.

  2. I would so pay to see you in a Bollywood movie.....


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