Sunday, March 15, 2009

First Sunday of Spring!

Today is gorgeous. Sunny and mid-60s with a light breeze. And I've got nothing and nobody tying me down to any particular schedule today. So what did I do with all my free time?
  • I made breakfast and read the Tribune;
  • I clipped coupons from the Tribune;
  • I wrote 2 newsletters before noon;
  • I carried an old, raggedy (yet incredibly comfy) barrel-type rocking chair to the curb hoping that someone will want to reupholster it and take it before the garbage men take it in the morning (note: I offered it up on Freecycle, but no one wanted it);
  • I put away the storm door to the sliding glass door in the living room and installed the screen door;
  • I removed the storm window from the screen door at the front door and replaced it with the screen;
  • I removed the old yellow light bulb at the front of the house and replaced it with a yellow CFL bulb;
  • I removed the extra insulation into the hall entrance to the attic, climbed into the attic (which I don't like doing) and put it away;
  • While in the attic, I found a box of old blankets my mom had made for Dave and me when we were babies. I pulled them out, discovered that mice had destroyed one, threw it out, and am washing the other 4 to better repack them and save them for possible future use with my own future kids. I also pulled some other stuff out of the attic and discovered it could be tossed out;
  • I scrubbed the mold from the bathroom ceiling and washed the whole bathroom from floor to ceiling;
  • I pulled out the outside chairs for the front porch and put in their cushions;
  • I'm currently washing my 3rd load of laundry;
  • I've started dinner and am making BBQ Chicken Pizza entirely from scratch;
  • I chatted with a friend in a heated political race and tried to offer some helpful advice or at least be a sounding board;
  • I fixed the concrete bird bath in my backyard that had fallen over from the high winds a week or so ago; and
  • Most importantly, I saved Josh Lyman and the rest of the staff of The West Wing, including President Bartlet from the hostage-taking terrorist also known as my DVD player without injury to anyone and before the rest of the country discovered the international crisis. There's no need to point out how heroic and selfless I am. I already know.
I have a bunch of other fun tasks to complete tonight. Don't you wish your Sunday was as much fun as mine?

Yep, I'm living the life!


  1. Christ, we can't even finish a puzzle in one day at my house.

  2. If you come over to my house and figure out a way to motivate me to do this level of spring cleaning, I will cook you dinner!


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