Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Mom! What's for Dinner?"

Do you get sick and tired of hearing this question? I do and I don't even have kids.

My least favorite moment of each day comes when I stand in front of the refrigerator pondering the question, "What should I make for dinner today?" Invariably, I will get an idea in my head only to discover that I have all but one ingredient. This turn of events sends me back to stand in front of my open refrigerator asking, "Okay, what should I make for dinner NOW?" The game continues.

But now, thanks to a good friend of mine, I won't have to ponder this question anymore and neither will you! Whether you have kids or are a bachelor or bachellorette, your best kitchen helper just arrived!

Let's pretend that in your kitchen, you've got peanut butter, bread, and tomotoes and that's it. And the kids are eager to know, "Mom! What's for dinner?" Being the good mom you are, you don't want to do the Drive-Thru Dash, but you know junior had a peanut butter & jelly for lunch today (you used all the jelly, so he can't have that anyway). What to do?????

Visit, type in the available ingredients and Voila! in less than 2 seconds, you've got a very nutritious dinner entree!

Okay, this may not be the most appetizing entree, but it's dinner and it's saved you time and money.


  1. Sadly, my search for "ground beef, granola, corn, and pepper jelly" turned up zilch.

  2. I was about to thank you profusely for featuring this website but then I saw the tomato peanut butter sandwich. Shouldn't it filter out the stuff you already rejected as a possible meal?


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