Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Rumors Were True! I'm IN The Book of Lies!

Can I be honest with you? Well, I'm always honest, but this is a little secret I'm going to share between just you and me. No one else.

The truth is when Brad Meltzer told me a week or so ago that I was in the Acknowledgements of The Book of Lies, while I was excited and shocked, I didn't entirely believe him. And that was about me. Not him. Brad is seriously the most upstanding guy I know. If he says something, he's not lying. So there really wasn't any reason for me to not believe him, but that's one of my insecurities in life.

So this morning, I ran over to Borders to pick up my copy of The Book of Lies (I was going to pre-order it from Amazon, but they said I wouldn't have it until next week and that wasn't good enough). As soon as I walked in the door, I was bombarded with a huge display of The Book of Lies. Seriously, it never gets old seeing my friends in the limelight.

As I picked up my copy from the table, I took a deep breath and prepared for what I might find. Would my name be misspelled? Would my name even be right or would I be mentioned as "Jennifer Gardner" (a mistake that happens at least once a day in my life)? Would it even be there at all? Again, these are my insecurities and not a reflection on Brad. Seriously. He's a perfectionist.

And then right there on the 3rd page of the Acknowledgements, in the center of the page, was my name. Spelled correctly and everything. I don't even know that I read anything but my name. And I cried. Standing right in the middle of Borders tears rolled down my face. Not a ton, but more than a few.

Here's what it actually says, "[a few other people] and Jessica Gardner trusted me with traits I truly hold dear, especially the ones you see in the characters."


Thanks Brad. Thanks for making it easy that day to share parts of my life that I never discuss. Thanks for being one of the coolest guys I know. Thanks for your friendship. I truly treasure it and you.
No, I haven't read the book yet. I'm saving it for later tonight when I can savor each page. Then I'll post my review.


  1. Argghh! I had that book in my hand at Costco and then I put it down in favor of some non-fiction. (Obama's economic plan).

    I'll be sure to pick it up next time though and look for you!


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