Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chicago Back in the Day

Have you ever wondered what Chicago was like 60 years ago? I have to admit that, as someone who loves history, I often wonder what the Windy City looked like in the 1930s (when Nana visited the World's Fair) and 1940s (when my dad was born), but of course, don't really know.

But thanks to my friend Steve, who posted the video below on Facebook yesterday, we can all take a walk through Chicago in 1948. Notice that the Chicago Hilton and Towers was known then as the Stevens Hotel. And I'm amazed at how the Wrigley Building just stands there with blue sky in the background. Just in case you've forgotten how Solider Field is supposed to look, it's there too. Make sure you watch the second video about Chicago's nightlife in 1948. I'm quite sure it will make you giggle.

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