Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy 14th Birthday to Betsey & Ross!

Betsey (l) and Ross (r) in 2006 when they were 10.

As difficult as it is to believe, Betsey and Ross turn 14 on Sunday. That's right, they were born on the 4th of July and (for those of you who are new here) were born in Washington DC, which, of course, is how they got their names. Anyway, they're turning 14!

I say it's difficult to believe they're 14 because they still act like they're about 5. They run around the house chasing each other, fight with the feral cat outside (while remaining safely on this side of the sliding glass door), groom each other, love each other, jump all around playing with their toys, and with the exception of the last month, have had no major health problems. As you can see below, they're also both into politics and are big fans of President Obama. In fact, they Super Dele-CATS for (then candidate) Barack Obama and were featured on Cats for Obama.

The last month has been a bit traumatic with Betsey and worrying that she had cancer, but as of today, we know she's cancer free, has a beautiful clean bladder and excellent kidney and liver functioning. Her final diagnosis is cystitis and hyperthyroidism, both chronic and inexpensively treatable. The truth is that she's probably had both of these issues for years, but we just didn't know it because the cystitis sat dormant and we had no reason to run blood tests.

Betsey, Ross, and I have a lot of people to thank for their kindness over the last month including the great doctors at Animal ER and Veterinary Specialty Center, Dr. Jennifer Kinnavy at March Animal Hospital for never giving up on Betsey and keeping me (relatively) calm, vet tech extraordinaire (and my cousin) Andrea for dealing with my panic so well, Keefer's Pharmacy in Mt. Prospect for making up all the fabulous drug cocktails for Betsey, Dr. Donna Krochak at Alexandria Animal Hospital in Alexandria, VA for giving Betsey and Ross such outstanding care in Virginia to ensure their continued good health in Illinois, and our family and friends who have continually asked about how Betsey is doing.

Betsey and Ross appreciate that everyone takes the weekend to celebrate them by attending parades, festivals, backyard BBQs, fireworks, etc. They only ask that you act responsibly by not drinking and driving and also take a moment to remember that it's also our country's 234th birthday. The rest of the weekend you can celebrate Betsey and Ross.

Here's a great soundtrack for the weekend thanks to NPR.

You probably also want to listen to the Declaration of Independence as read by the broadcasters at NPR. When was the last time you listened?


  1. Happy Birthday, Betsey and Ross, you patriotic felines! :) I hope you two enjoy listening to the Declaration of Independence on your birthday with your human, as you pause (or "paws"?) to remember the great country that shares your birthday!

  2. Happy 14th Purrthday to Betsy and Ross. We're glad theyre still romping like kittens.


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