Friday, October 17, 2008

Conversations I've Never Had With My Mother

As I was on my way home a few minutes ago, I stopped off to get gas. When I walked into the gas station, there was a girl standing at the counter who couldn't have been older than 18, flirting with the attendant and chatting on the phone with her mom, affording me the opportunity to overhear the following cell phone conversation:

Girl on the phone with her mom: Mom, you gotta let me borrow your car tonight to go see Becky.
Mom (I assume this is her response): No.
Girl: Aw, Mom, come on. What if I promise not to drive drunk?

At that point, I looked at the guy behind the counter who is just shaking his head. I have no idea how the conversation ended because by that time, I had my change, so I had no reason to stand around and eavesdrop.

I swear that's a conversation my mom and I have absolutely never had.


  1. So you never promised your mom you would not drive drunk. I hope you kept that promise. I think.

  2. It's not that I never made the promise, but more that it was never a bargaining chip to borrow the car when I was a teenager.

    I'd say things like "Aw come on Mom, I promise I'll be home by 11" or "I'll do extra chores" or things like that.

    Not driving drunk as a teenager (or ever) was more something that was simply understood. I understood that if I ever drove anywhere after drinking, I'd never leave the house again.

  3. You probably missed the part where she said, "I promise not to have sex in the back seat."

  4. Ah, yes. There's something else I never used as a bargaining chip to borrow the car, because, again, it was just understood that I was not to have sex in the backseat of a car. And for the record, I didn't.

  5. Brutal and brilliant all at once!


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