Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sarah Palin DID Charge for Rape Kits!

Much has been made about Sarah Palin's policy as mayor of Wasilla, AK to charge rape victims for their rape kits.

At first, it was just a whisper that she allowed this despicable practice to occur under her leadership. Once the media picked up on it, she said she didn't know it was happening and she found it vile. I don't buy that for a second and neither should you. It simply isn't plausible that as mayor of a town of approximately 6,000 (then) she wouldn't know that her hand-picked chief of police was in a public fight with the state over Wasilla's policy of charging rape victims for their exams.

The fact is that Sarah Palin allowed rape victims to be charged for their exams. And that is vile and inexcusable.

No woman should ever be forced to pay for evidence of rape to be collected from her. Rape is a horrific enough crime and it changes a woman forever. There is no reason in the world a rape victim should ever be forced to bear the cost financially for this crime. I guess, however, I shouldn't be so surprised that a woman who would force another woman to give birth to a child conceived during rape and would refuse her the "morning after" pill, would also insist on this final humiliation.

If for no other reason than Sarah Palin's obvious misogyny, you should vote for Barack Obama.

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