Friday, October 31, 2008

Yet ANOTHER Side Effect of 8 Years of GOP Rule

I received this email today from Dan Seals, the Democratic Candidate for the 10th Congressional Seat in Illinois against 4 term incumbent and George Bush YES Man Mark Kirk. If this doesn't terrify you, well, then I'm not sure what to say. But it should. It should terrify you that if someone at the post office doesn't like you or your business, then your outgoing mail (that has cost you significant money to send) could just get misplaced. Of course, this comes just a month after Dan Seals campaign office was broken into and a computer was stolen. Coincidence?

This is definitely not the kind of America I want to live in. The only way I know to stop these nasty tactics is to vote all the Republicans out of office. That will send a very clear message that won't get "lost" at the Post Office.

Onto the email . . .

October 31, 2008

Dear Little Merry Sunshine,

Last week, thousands of Seals supporters should have received our campaign's final direct mailing. Unfortunately, those letters were tampered with and never left the post office. Authorities are now investigating the situation, but we have already missed a critical opportunity to raise funds and keep Dan on the air in the final days of our campaign.

The campaign's final direct mail piece, which included a quote from Senator Barack Obama supporting Dan, was set to hit the mail boxes of thousands of supporters last week. The mail was received by the United States Post Office and then transferred that same day to a United States Post Office Distribution Center.

After realizing that supporters had not received the letter, we discovered that the mail had been set aside and out of sight at the post office. The letters were supposed to have been treated as first class mail. They were not.

We lost the money that we would have raised over the past week if the mailing had been delivered on schedule. With the election just days away, we need to raise money to keep Dan on air, in the third most expensive media market in the country, so that he can continue to communicate his positive message of change to every 10th district voter.

Please contribute to our campaign today and help us raise $10,000 by Midnight tonight. We had counted on these contributions and with only 4 days to go we cannot take a single dollar for granted.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Team Seals

P.S. Help us raise the money we lost so Dan can reach every IL-10 voter before November 4.

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