Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sarah Palin on the Job of the Vice President

One might think that in 3 months Sarah Palin would have figured out what she agreed to do as John McCain's Vice President. If that's what you thought, well, I'm sorry, you were wrong. Dead wrong.

Before we get into what Sarah believes to be the job of the Vice President, let's look at some recent history . . .

Back in July 2008, Sarah wasn't sure what the VP does.

At the beginning of October, during the vice presidential debate with Joe Biden, both Sarah and Joe were asked about the responsibilities of the Vice President and how they would carry them out. According to the Sarasota Herald Tribune, "[Sarah] said that the Constitution gave great "flexibility" to the vice president, and that she hoped to be given even more authority."

And then today, Sarah was asked by a third grader in Colorado what the vice president does. Let's take a look at her response.

Unfortunately, that's not quite what the Constitution says. We all know that the Constitution says that the vice president's main job is to hang out and wait for the president to die or otherwise be unable to perform his or her job. Other than that, the vice president is the President of the Senate, but doesn't have any say over anything unless he or she is needed to break a tie.

Isn't there a Schoolhouse Rock episode that could help Sarah with the daunting task of learning her actual job description? How I long for the days of a Vice President who spelled potato with an "e."

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