Friday, October 10, 2008

State of the Union

As I've discussed quite a few times, I am a huge fan of Freecycle. I give things away and get cool stuff I can use too. In fact, I'm going to pick up my mom's Christmas present in a few minutes from a Freecycler!

Yesterday, while out and about, I received two coupons that I just won't use. Normally I don't put coupons on Freecycle, but these were $5 coupons and that's real money.

As I started to throw them out last night, I thought I'd stick them on Freecycle and see if anyone wanted them.

Within 5 minutes (and this was at 11:00pm), I had multiple requests for each coupon.

What does it say about the economy that so many people are searching the net at 11pm for coupons?


  1. I love Freecycle. When I sold my house earlier in the year and completed my move to Albany, I had so much stuff that I needed to be rid of.

    Freecyle was the answer to my prayers. My favorite story was one woman who came by to get a table and ended up with a ton of other stuff. Her husband had walked out on her and her two young boys and took all the furniture.

    She looked at my coffee table and started to cry after I gave it to her because "she could see her sons coloring or playing games on it."

    That said- how right you are about those coupons.

    Holy crap.

  2. Isn't it great how you could make such a difference in a woman's life through Freecycle?

    I have a similar story about a single mom I met on Freecycle who was looking for used clothes or toys for her kids for Christmas. Her hubby had just left her and her 2 kids (1 w/ special needs) and was refusing to pay child support. It was really sad. But so great being able to help someone who really needed it.


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