Saturday, November 1, 2008

Barack Obama: Taking On Poverty

I'm getting ready to go to bed and just discovered this email from Barack.

I have never heard John McCain talk about poverty. In fact, I'm not sure he knows it exists. Barack does. He not only knows it exists, but he will work to make sure we don't lose another generation of doctors and scientists to poverty. As a country we should be ashamed that we let people live in the squalor of poverty. Barack Obama will change that.

Here's the email:

Little Merry Sunshine --

We started this movement for change to keep the American Dream alive for everyone -- especially those hardest hit in this economic crisis.

Today, more than 37 million Americans are living in poverty.

Barack has a plan to rebuild our economy from the bottom up and bring the change we need to our country. But he can't do it alone.

We've put together a short video about working together to make change.

Watch the video today. Then take action in the final push.

Barack's middle class tax cut will mean that families have a little more money each year to save for college. His health care plan will mean that a sick child can get the treatment she needs. And his plan for rebuilding the economy from the ground up will mean that more Americans can get on the ladder to opportunity.

But we need your help to get us there. There are only a few days left until Election Day, and your help is more important than ever.

Watch the video today and get involved.

With your help we can create the change we need, and win the fight against poverty in America.


Obama for America

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