Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Looking For A New Job? Barack Is Hiring!

There's a very short application (more info here). I'm sure it will take you just a few quick minutes.

Good luck!

And feel free to use me as a reference!


  1. Jeebus - what is that an application for? Becoming part of the CIA? Are they gonna show up and grill my former roomies about that time I played doctor when I was 8 or that I was at a ZZ Top concert in my late teens where I was standing next to some very happy dude smoking hash?

  2. I think the CIA is not nearly this difficult. And yes, they want to know each time you played doctor when you were 8 and about the strangers who may or may not have smoked hash in or near your presence whether or not you knew about it.

  3. thanks for writing. and glad you are so on top of the obama new day! i'll be checking in when the internet is cooperating. keep it up, woman!


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