Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama's Trip to the White House as President-Elect

This afternoon Barack and Michelle Obama will walk through the front door of the White House as the President-Elect and incoming First Lady for a meeting with President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush.

Under normal presidential transitions, this is a big deal. But today's meeting is extraordinary. The White House, of course, was built by slaves. And much of the staff is African-American. Just 216 years after construction started (too many in my opinion), an African-American man will walk through the front door as the next leader of our country.

What would the ghosts of the slaves who built the White House say today if they could speak?

To be a fly on the wall for that moment of history.



  2. Anonymous,

    I allowed your comment because I believe in freedom of speech. That said, man up (or woman up) and please use your name. Only cowards criticize things as superficial as a dress without using their name.

  3. What an intriguing period in American politics. Even if you don’t like the guy or his policies, you have to be inspired by the positivity of the global reaction resulting from Obama’s election.

    I’d love to dive into Obama’s mind and discover his motives and internal dialog. To go through a year of campaigning is very difficult, but to go through a year of campaigning and deliver a speech like he did that is truly inspirational. I’m excited about to see how he really attacks global warming and the energy crisis. The transition from the bush administration to his administration should be interesting.

    What’s also fascinating is looking at the dynamic of who voted, how they voted, and what drove them to vote. Obama’s campaign created a wave of energy that grew bigger and bigger as his campaign moved forward, engulfing (in a good way) each supporter and supercharging them. How did they do this? It all started with a vision. Obama’s vision, planted deep within his mind, began to take root almost 2 years ago today. The power of his vision can teach every American citizen about how to accomplish goals using the powers of visualization and intention.

    I looked into this vision questing further and found that many super-successful people have been using vision boards to help focus their mind and accomplish their dreams. A vision board is a collage of images pasted on a board that represent your desired outcomes, your goals, and dreams. By studying your vision board, your brain gains clarity on what is important to your success, the things you MUST accomplish. I found a site that allows you to download a free 8-step power plan to creating vision boards. I’d highlight recommend downloading it.

  4. TheLaw26,

    You are so right about Obama's vision.

    I believe that's the big lesson from this campaign. No other campaign had the vision and the focus that the Obama campaign had. Throughout the primaries and the general election, the other campaigns were in constant reaction mode. Sure, sometimes they appeared to be on the offense, but it was truly all defense. They jumped around and were erratic. They failed to follow one plan of action until successful.

    I have never seen a campaign run the way the Obama campaign was run. From the highest levels of the campaign to the lowest interns (not that interns are low, but you know what I mean), everyone stayed on message. They stayed true to the vision of Barack Obama.

    I hope that the Barack Obama campaign changes the face of politics forever. We have learned that one doesn't have to tear the other person to shreds to win - just look at all that Obama left on the cutting room floor about McCain. Obama could have gotten into the gutter and gotten nasty, but he didn't. He stayed away from it all because nasty wasn't part of his vision.

    Thanks for commenting and I hope you'll be back.


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