Monday, November 3, 2008

Follow the Obama Grant Park Celebration With Me Via Twitter!

I'm going to Grant Park tomorrow night! Seriously. I really am.

I've talked about how much I love Barack a million times on Little Merry Sunshine, but what you don't know is exactly how much it means to me that I'm going to have a Front Row to History tomorrow.

A large part of why I moved to DC after college in 1993 was because of how much I loved politics and I wanted to pursue this passion of mine. Where better to get involved than the center of it all? Get involved I did.

In 1996, I volunteered on Clinton/Gore and then had the amazing good fortune to attend a pre-election rally at DAR Constitution Hall that featured a variety of celebrities including Bruce Hornsby. I was in the front row of the balcony. Election Night found me at a DNC party with some friends and through that I hooked up with someone involved in the Inauguration Balls who needed help in the Green Room at the Western States Ball (there were 13 official balls that year!).

When I left DC in 2000, I thought my involvement in politics was over. Chicago simply isn't DC, after all. Ah, yea of little faith (that's me!). Little did I know that by being in Chicago, I've been more involved in politics than I was in DC. I've gotten more deeply involved in a number of campaigns in Chicago than I ever was in DC. And it truly feeds my soul.

So being in Grant Park tomorrow night feels like the culmination of so much in my life. And it feels great. Tonight I'm really missing my friends from DC - Karen, Rose, Kelly, Brooke, and so many others. And I'm certain that feeling will be stronger tomorrow night.

If Barack wins (which at this moment, I believe will happen), I'm going to make every effort to be in DC on January 20th to be at his inauguration. In the meantime, I'll revel in being in the Front Row to History in Grant Park!

And you can follow all my fun via Twitter. I'm going to try to live blog my night through my cell phone via Twitter. This will be a fun experiment. At the very least, I promise to come home and not go to bed until I've shared every detail and all my pics on Little Merry Sunshine. So check back. It's sure to be great. You betcha!


  1. Pea. Green. Envy.

    Oh, I miss Chicago so much. I would so be there. What an amazing piece of history and to be a part of it...hell, if Obama wins it's the second most important event in American history and so damn long after the Civil War.

    Enjoy it, Ms. Sunshine, as you are going to be among the lucky ones who will be able to say, "I was there when the dream came true."

  2. Thanks American Girl! I'm sorry you're not here too.

    And thanks for the title of tomorrow night's post rally blog with pictures "I Was There When The Dream Came True." That's AWESOME.

  3. Dang! I always give up the good stuff in other people's blog comments. Why, oh why, don't I print T-shirts?

  4. I've already started the blog post for tomorrow night.

  5. I'm jealous of your graphics.

  6. Well, Tim just rip them off my blog and put them on yours! And give me credit. :)


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