Sunday, April 19, 2009

Always Say Thank You to the People Who Make You Look Good

This week is Administrative Professionals Week. Now, you might think it's just another silly Hallmark Holiday, but I don't.

I think Administrative Professionals Week is a great reminder to say "thank you" to all the people who make me look good day in and day out, not simply about administrative assistants, executive assistants or secretaries. Believe me, to take a phrase from Hillary Clinton, it takes a village.

Now, I work for myself and I have no employees, so you may wonder who I need to thank. Trust me, there are plenty of people.

The employees at Mary Kay are always there to answer questions and help me with anything I need. I'm in business for myself, but not by myself.

My sister Mary Kay Consultants generously share their ideas and successes so we can all learn from each other. That's the Mary Kay Go Give spirit.

I serve on two boards, the Arlington Heights Chamber of Commerce and the Lake Forest College Alumni Board, and co-chair a committee within each organization. Not only are the other volunteers amazing and talented, but the staffs at both the Chamber and the College work incredibly hard and make my volunteer work almost effortless. I know that I can pick up the phone and get whatever support I need.

My friends are the best people on the planet. They each challenge my ways of thinking, raise the bar on being a good person every single day, and they are the greatest support system anyone could want.

And then there's my family. As crazy as I believe them to be, I know that every family has it's issues so we really aren't so different. They never fail to build me up and they're only ones I let put me back in my place when I need it.

I'm sure there are many more people who make me look good on a consistent basis and to them, I say a truly heartfelt "thank you."

Who makes you look good? Who do you need to say thank you to this week? Your sincere gratitude will pay off for years to come, so get out there and say "thank you" every chance you get.

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