Monday, April 6, 2009

Next Year Is Here!

The eternal optimist who bleeds Cubbie Blue, I'm legally required to believe that the start of each new baseball season is the beginning of our World Series winning season. This is the year we'll break our 100 year drought and win it all.

Baseball season officially begins today with the Cubs playing at Houston at 6:05pm CT. Zambrano is pitching and I'll be glued to my television like every true blue Cubs fan. So don't call me tonight. I won't be able to talk. Opening Day at Wrigley Field is next Monday with Colorado our first victim of the season at 1:20.

In honor of our winning season and 2009 being the year we take it all the way, enjoy these videos by some other great Cubs fans.

"Someday We'll Go All The Way" by Eddie Vedder

"Go Cubs Go" (2009 Edition) by Steve Goodman

"A Dying Cub Fan's Last Request" by Steve Goodman

In the interest of full disclosure, like me, the late Steve Goodman is a Lake Forest College Class of 1970 alum.

UPDATE: Cubs Win! Cubs Win! Final score: Cubs 4, Houston Astros 2. Zambrano got his 1st victory on Opening Day! Cubs are in 1st place! Only 161 more games plus playoffs & World Series to go and then the curse will be over!


  1. American Girl has lost control of her ability to post comment under her name.

  2. American Girl, What happened????? BTW, I LOVE your post today about the IL Supreme Court & the morning after pill.

  3. Working off someone else's laptop who doesn't always post as me. When I realized it was posting under another name I couldn't change it so I cursed for a bit until I got logged in properly.

    Thanks about today's post. I'm all sorts of eloquent, aren't I? Probably winning over a lot of minds with that one. ;)

    GO CUBS!

  4. Oh! So YOU are Mark! Now I get it!

    As for your eloquence, I think you expressed yourself quite well. And you're right. Today, this kind of thinking only discriminates against women. Tomorrow it will be someone else.

  5. Just so Mark doesn't get all weird on me; Mark is not an American Girl, never has been, never will be.


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