Sunday, April 5, 2009

What Brings You to Little Merry Sunshine?

One of my favorite things about my blog is checking out my Site Meter site stats and learning what brings you, my loyal readers, to Little Merry Sunshine.

Quite a few of you find me by doing Google searches for "little merry sunshine," "wheeling township food pantry," "arlington heights," "Marshall Field's" and a variety of searches for information on the current local elections in Arlington Heights and I'm incredibly grateful my blog appears in the results for all of these search terms. I'm also grateful to my blog buddies Monkey Muck, Gourmet Goddess, Boxer Rebellion, She's An American Girl, Living Oprah, Ellen of the Tenth, and Fran I Am for their links and the readers who find me through their sites. I could never write this post without showing proper appreciation to Chicago's Best Blogs for the new readers they've sent me. Truly it's an honor being one of Chicago's Best Blogs.

But many of you visit LMS as the result of some more interesting Google searches . . .

An employee at one of the country's largest banks and recipient of tons of bailout money, spent some valuable work time searching "I get off on you getting off on me" and found my post iPhone, Therefore I Get Off.

Numerous state employees in states such as Nebraska, Florida, Georgia, and Louisiana (on state time!) and folks at some very esteemed higher education institutions have visited LMS as the result of searches for "stripper poles" (finding I'm Gonna Install A Stripper Pole!)and "prostitute names" (finding The Name Game).

People from all over the world searching for "AK-47" find my post What Were They Hunting With That AK-47?

More than a few folks are curious about "pregnant women wearing braces," which I find interesting since there are no pregnant women on this site. Really. No woman on this blog is pregnant. I swear.

Many of you are searching for food pantries in the northwest suburbs of Chicago and it's my wish that you're doing these searches because you want to donate, but probably some of you need some extra help these days. So this gives me a good opportunity to say to everyone: Donate to your local food pantry. They desperately need your help. The demand is greater than ever and if you set aside just a couple items each week, in no time you'll have a full bag of groceries that will really help someone. That someone could be your neighbor or your best friend or someday it could be you.

Many of you seem to be interested in recycling and tax credits for greening your home and installing solar attic fans. Visit my brother's website, Crystal Skylights. He'll take great care of you.

However you ended up here, I truly thank you and I hope you come back often. Without you, I'd just be talking to myself.


  1. You're welcome.

    I look to see what gets folks to my blog too. Sometimes in tracking back hits, I find out about another interesting blog. Recently, I've noticed there's a new blog called Ill in Illinois. They poor guy or gal is ill and has no insurance.

    What's driving some of my traffic these days? Mark Kirk's divorce. Personally, I could care less why Kimberly dumped him, but for some reason, someone finds that interesting. Maybe Kirk's just searching himself to see what people are saying. Whoever it is will eventually figure out that he is not going to find what he's looking for on my blog, but maybe hey'll notice that Kirk voted against the stimulus and is against health care reform.

  2. Oh, let me tell you. I almost didn't write a post the other day because I was afraid of what was going to show up in my list of searches. I mean, when you've got a name like "kittens farting rainbows", you have to realize there are going to be some weird search terms. I have to say, the strangest was once someone linked to us by searching "look at women's kitties" and another was "woman farting on candle tattoo". Sigh.

  3. Wow. Those are some GREAT searches to find KFR! I think you should keep a running list of the best so you can do a post on them. My list is only the last month or so and I went for the most outrageous. I honestly think my favorite was "pregnant women wearing braces." I just laugh every time I read that. And I just love calling out the government employees who are clearly searching for porn or sex toys while on taxpayer dollars.


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