Saturday, April 18, 2009

Do You Have a Love Notes Collection?

One of my most prized possessions is my Love Notes Collection. It's one of the few things I can't live without and would grab if my house was on fire (again). I don't mean the romantic kind of Love Notes, although I certainly treasure those. What I mean are the unexpected and heartfelt little notes that friends, family, colleagues, teachers, and sometimes even strangers have sent me. They could take the form of an email, birthday card, letter, chicken scratch on a napkin, post-it note, text message or any other form. I even have a few work evaluations in my Collection. My Love Notes Collection goes all the way back to junior high.

The point of Love Notes is that they are uplifting, genuine, and written with no expectation of receiving anything back. Sometimes Love Notes are written unintentionally, but they arrive at the just the right moment when we need a little pick-me-up.

My Love Notes are great because when I'm feeling a little down, I can grab them and let the words others have written lift me right back up. Sometimes just a word or two reminds me I'm smart, talented, and can achieve anything I set my mind to. Sometimes it takes reading a few notes to get back in my groove. But no matter how long I spend reading, I finish feeling loved and capable of anything.

Of course, I also enjoy reading my Love Notes when I'm feeling really happy and then my cup truly runneth over. I feel so full in those moments.

One of my favorite Love Notes is a simple one page letter a friend typed to me on his computer one summer in college. I received it during a time of a huge personal family crisis. It was a fairly routine "here's what I'm doing over the summer" letter until I got to the end. That's when this friend told me how much he admired how well I was handling all I was dealing with and how he didn't know if he could handle it all as well. His words still mean the world to me because he is truly a pillar of strength and someone who doesn't toss around compliments lightly.

If you don't have your own collection of Love Notes, pay more attention to the notes people leave you. You'll find uplifting words in the most unexpected of places. Of course, you may also try writing a few yourself. I think you'll be surprised how when you put love into the universe it always comes back.


  1. I've kept only one--it was actually a poem. but it always makes me smile. xoxo

  2. Hi Beth! Thanks for your note. I'm sure you've gotten a bunch of Love Notes thanks to your new book, Social Climbers. :) I hope you'll be back to Little Merry Sunshine.


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