Monday, April 13, 2009

Cubs Opening Day at Wrigley!

In fine Chicago form, it is predicted to be about 40 and rainy all day today for the Cubs' Home Opener at Wrigley Field.

I have a couple of theories for this . . .
  1. The cold weather on Opening Day at Wrigley Field is so that we know what to look for when Hell freezes over when we finaly win the World Series.
  2. God is unhappy that the Cubs no longer play 100% of their games during the day and on WGN tv.
  3. It's early April in Chicago. What do you expect? Just be glad we don't have a foot of snow.
In all seriousness, it's Opening Day at Wrigley and it's a big deal for any real Cubs fan. After one week of regular season play, the Cubs are 4-2 and in second place in the Division behind the nasty St. Louis Cardinals. While that seems like a problem, the Cubs will fix that problem this weekend when they wipe the field with the Cards.

I'm predicting that the Cubs will take it all this year. Of course, I predict this just about every year. But this year, I'm completely certain of it.

In honor of their pending World Series season, enjoy this Walter E. Smithe commercial. It's perfect for today.

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