Sunday, May 18, 2008

How Do You Find Me?

I know you lose sleep at night wondering "How do people find Little Merry Sunshine?" Well, I'm here to give you a good night's rest tonight. Here are the top ways people stumbled upon my little blog in the last 30 days. . .

1. Google search for "prostitute names." In the last 30 days, 25 people have found me by searching for "prostitute names." My mom is so proud. Ed note: I honestly don't understand this. I did 1 post a hundred years ago called "The Name Game" one night when I was bored and my cousin emailed me to tell me I'd left off the all important "prostitute name." Are there really that many people in the world curious about the names of ladies of the evening? What is wrong with all of you?

2. The blog Gourmet Goddess. Thank you for the link on your blog, Heather!

3. Google search for "frontier days Arlington Heights." I KNEW that posting that scoop about Night Ranger performing at Frontier Days would bring folks to my blog! And in case you missed it, Little River Band and American English are confirmed as well. And Dennis DeYoung is rumored to be performing too, but confirmation has been elusive.

4. Google search for "reason season lifetime friends." This is ALMOST as popular as the "protitute names" search, but not quite. Proving once again that more people are demented than caring.

5. The blog Monkey Muck. Thank you, Dr. Monkey!

6. Google searches for "Jessica Gardner." I wonder how many of them are upset they found me instead of her.

7. Google searches for "guy f'd by a horse." This post is pretty funny. It's worth repeating.

8. Google searches for "obama." For as much as I talk about my love for Obama, I'm glad I pop up somewhere in a google search for him. But you gotta look pretty deep into the 96.3 million "obama" results to find me.

9. Google search for "does being a christian mean that i must be patriotic." Um, no. It does not. And wearing a flag pin doesn't make you patriotic either.

10. Google search for "inspire me quotes." Yeah!


  1. You are most welcome my dear. For the record I found you through your comments on my blog.

  2. Well, Dr. Monkey, I found you and your delightfully fun and thoughtful blog through Boxer Rebellion, which I found through Gourmet Goddess.


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