Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Could Have Been a Macy's Convert

Some of you may know that I have had a sour relationship with Macy's since their hostile takeover of Marshall Field's two years ago. In fact, to call it "sour" would be generous. I have gone out of my way to completely avoid having anything to do with Macy's. On the rare occasions I've been forced into their stores, my experiences have been less than positive and only reinforced my belief that Macy's is the devil.

Until today.

Today, Macy's did something for me that Marshall Field's never did.

Macy's sent me a birthday card and money! (Note: My birthday is June 16th)

Well, kind of.

Macy's sent me a coupon for $10 off a minimum $30 purchase during June (in honor of my birthday - it really says that).

Of course, there's a huge paragraph of exclusions, in such small print I needed a magnifying glass to read, including purses, perfume, shoes, watches, most designer merchandise, anything on macys.com, and probably not on Frango's (it doesn't list Frango's specifically, but none of their coupons are ever good on Frango's I always learn when I try to use them and they don't specifically say they exclude Frango's).

If I'm gonna buy myself something for my birthday (and I'd prefer not to, let's be crystal clear), I'd be inclined to buy myself something pretty like a new purse. Or shoes. Or a beautiful watch. Or Frango's. But all of those are excluded.

If they'd just sent me $10 CASH at least I could have gotten 2 gallons of gas. And I might have liked them more. Damn Macy's.

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