Friday, May 2, 2008

I'm Just Curious . . .

In light of the DC Madam's death yesterday (there is actually a LOT of speculation whether it was a suicide or just made to look like one), I'm curious about something . . .

What is the difference between a woman who marries a man for his money (aka gold digger) and a woman who gets paid for each time she has sex with a man (aka prostitute)?

There are millions of women who marry men far wealthier then they are and they are not ostracized to the dark alleys of society. But aren't they just trading one commodity for another?

Why is one legal and almost respected, while the other is nasty and disgusting and vile and illegal in the eyes of society?

I would argue that the prostitute is more honest and more honorable than the gold digger. The prostitute willingly acknowledges the transaction: sex in exchange for money. The gold digger, on the other hand, often pretends to be in love with her man and won't acknowledge she's also trading services for a certain lifestyle.


  1. "Suicide." Yeah right, that's what she did all right.

  2. Why, Jessica, you seem to think that a woman who marries a man just for his money brings nothing but her orifaces to the table. What about her cooking and cleaning skills?

  3. Well, Tim, you are right. Her cooking and cleaning skills are super important. BUT I did only say "services," I did not define what those were. They couald be sexual and domestic skills that she posseses. Or maybe, she's pure eye candy and just looks really good on his arm. That's a service too.

    All of that said, any gold digger worth her salt doesn't marry a rich man who can't afford someone to cook and clean.


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