Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We Must All Sacrifice During War

During World War 2, there was food and gas rationing and women planted victory gardens. Heck, even the thing "most dear to a woman's heart" was rationed . . . nylons.

60 plus years later, we find ourselves in another war. The War on Terror. And we must sacrifice again. How are we sacrificing? We have $4+ a gallon gas. The real estate bubble burst in a most devastating way. Jobs are being lost. Food prices are through the roof. The economy is feeling very unstable. Let's face it, we're all feeling pinched and are making changes to the way we live.

But who is making the biggest sacrifice of all? President George W. Bush, of course.

President Bush has given up golf.

That's our president always leading by example.

To show my solidarity with our esteemed leader, I'm going to give up polo.

UPDATE 5/17/08: Oops. It turns out that President Bush made an oops. It seems he DID NOT actually give up golf in solidarity with the troops. If a guy can't tell the truth about whether he did or did not give up golf, it makes ya wonder what else he might be fibbing on. Hmmmmm . . . . I wonder . . .

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