Friday, December 19, 2008

Governor Blagojevich, What Is Your Problem?

Governor Blagojevich, I simply do not understand. I mean, I get that your defense is "Ha! Ha! Ha! I was just having fun and joking around on the phone with my buddies!" but is that really the best way to lead the home state of our President-Elect?

You spoke to us today, almost 2 weeks after you were arrested, and essentially told us nothing more than "I am not a crook."

Maybe you're not a crook. After all, you are innocent until presumed guilty. But, you most certainly are the biggest horse's ass I've ever seen in politics. Public servants should be role models. You are no role model. Public servants should be doing the people's business before doing their own. By your own statement today, you clearly do not understand that.

You say you're going to stay on the job and fight these allegations until your last breath. Well, okay, but how exactly are you going to do your job? You can't appoint a new Senator to replace former Senator and President-Elect Barack Obama. Everything you attempt to do is tainted.

Do you know what I worry about most? I worry that all the people who voted in the 2008 Presidential Election for the first time ever or the first time in many years who voted because they believed they could make a difference and were hopeful. Many of them were previously scarred from lying politicians. Will they be back in 2 years to cast another ballot or have your alleged actions just proven that all politicians are evil?

And what about the black cloud your alleged actions have put over our state? Illinois should be proud (and we are) of the man we are sending to the White House. But your alleged actions have given the Right Wingnuts an opportunity to try to tie him to you. Now, you and I both know that you hate him (we've all heard the colorful language you used to describe him), but the Wingnuts don't believe that.

You owe it to us to step aside, at least temporarily. Let Pat Quinn step in and keep your seat warm while you defend yourself. At this time, you need to be focussed on your defense and on your family. You don't really have the time to devote to us and we desparately need a strong and honest leader in Illinois.

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