Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Do You Need to Lose Weight?

I know that's kind of a personal question to ask and you don't need to answer it. Let me state for the record that I do. I'm fully aware of this need. I'd be healthier if I did and my risk for all kinds of stuff would decrease.

But I didn't realize just how big of a need there was until I was eating breakfast this morning. As I was eating a fairly healthy piece of wholegrain toast with a little bit of homemade cherry jam, Ross, hopped up on the table and actually batted it out of my hand.

So if you need help losing weight, Ross is available to knock food out of your hand for a small fee.

You can email me personally through LMS and we can arrange for you to be humiliated by my cat, just as I was this morning.


  1. I'll trade you Ross for the dietitian I'm related to who feels that since she's licensed by the state she can say anything to anyone about their weight.

    My friend's two year old lost his McD's hamburger to a cat once. He wasn't eating and the cat jumped up and took the patty away. The face was priceless. Had we just had a video camera money would have been made on whatever that video show is that shows those things.

  2. In San Francisco, down at the pier, my mom was divebombed by a seagull who knocked her hotdog out of her hand, grabbed it off the ground, and ate it whole, like it was a snake. She uttered some very loud swears and a little boy nearby goes, "Daddy, she said a bad word!" The father just sat there and laughed.


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