Sunday, December 28, 2008

You Probably Think This Post Is About You

Apologies to Carly Simon, but when I told four five of my guy friends (one even sent me his resume to prove his hotness!) I was writing a blog post about sexy men, they each said, "Oh, thanks for writing about me!" and the title of this post was born.

My new blog friend Fonzie Sox has a wonderfully exciting post about the celebrities she is crushing on and would like to get to know better, if you know what I mean. :)

That has inspired me to create my own Top 25 List of Celebs I'd Like to Know. And by "know" I mean do very x-rated things with. Hey, a girl's gotta have goals!

Hopefully this list will warm us all up on this cold winter Sunday.

With no further ado, here they are in no particular order.

John F. Kennedy, Jr., 1960-1999
Nana used to send me clippings about JFK, Jr. when he was single and I was living in DC. She seemed to want me to marry him. Probably a good thing I didn't.

President-Elect Barack Obama
It may be inappropriate to lust after our President-elect, but I don't care. Just look at him. Off the charts smart. Smokin' hot body and face. Great with kids. And powerful. Yep, that's the complete package.

Michael Jordan
I mean, seriously, take a look at those hands. You know what they say about a man with big hands!
He's so hot, he needs two pictures.

Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles
My high school boyfriend looked a lot like Jake. Lucky me.

Ryne Sandberg
I could certainly do worse than a Hall of Fame Second Baseman. I obviously have a thing for Chicago athletes who wear #23.

Vince Vaughn
He's such a boy next door. Plus he's got the funny thing going on.

Brad Meltzer
Okay, I'll admit, Brad almost didn't make the list. Not because he's not sexy. He is clearly sexy. But Brad's a friend of mine and that made it a little weird. But he's famous and sexy and that was the criteria. His sex appeal comes from his brilliance and being an all-around good guy. A guy who believes we all have a responsibility to give back is sexy.

Bradley Whitford as Josh Lyman.
Well, okay, anytime really. But seriously, Josh Lyman has it all.

Rob Lowe
As Sam Seaborn in The West Wing, Rob was almost irresitible. But as Robert McCallister on Brothers and Sisters, ABC is must-see-tv on Sundays.

Anderson Cooper
Okay, sure, I've heard the rumors that Anderson doesn't play for my team, but that's okay. I can still lust.

Jimmy Smits
Sorry, Kelly, I had to crop you out of this picture at the 1997 Clinton Inaugural Ball.

The late great Paul Newman, 1925-2008

Robert Redford

George Stephanopolous
Another hottie Nana used to send me clippings about and wanted me to marry. He actually had a condo in the same building as my friend Kelly in DC, but I never ran into him, as hard as I tried.

Daniel Radcliffe
Oh my, has Harry Potter grown up!

Nate Berkus
Nate was another one I was unsure about putting on the list because I was his RA in college and personally know him. I have had the great pleasure of seeing him in boxers. Again, it's a shame Nate doesn't play for my team, but that doesn't mean I can't lust.

Prince William
Is there anything sexier than a man with a great body who knows how to use tools AND works shirtless?

Jon Bon Jovi
I've been lusting after Jon Bon Jovi since I was a teenager. He's aged quite well. And that sultry voice. Oh my.

Rick Springfield
Even in his 50s, Rick looks fine without his shirt.

Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing

John Cusack in Serendipity or Say Anything

Patrick Dempsey
I'd really like to play doctor with him. Next time I need a physical, I'm calling Dr. McDreamy.

Matt Damon

Owen Wilson
I can't really explain this one, but damn he's fine.


  1. Truly amazing, but my Top 25 List of Celebs I'd Like to Know is completely different from yours..... not one commonality.....

  2. Great list! Jon Bon Jovi - of course!!! Anderson Cooper is hot. I would definitely date John Cusack. Matt Damon - yes. And I am glad you included Jake Ryan - what ever happened to him?

  3. Oh my God dont' even get my started!!! your list is great!!! I totally forgot some of these... and i love how you think Obama is sexy.... hell yes he is....


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