Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas Fonzie Sox!

Dr. Monkey von Monkerstein, one of my favorite blog buddies, put together a Virtual Secret Santa this year! To participate, I emailed Dr. Monkey, as did many other bloggers, and then Dr. Monkey emailed us back with the blogger for whom we were to be the Secret Santa. We are then to write a blog post about what we got our Secret Santa recipient, but because no money is actually spent, the sky is the limit. What makes this especially interesting is we don't necessarily know the blogger we are shopping for.

My Secret Santa (and new BFF!) is the incredibly generous and inciteful Karen Zipdrive who writes Pulp Friction. Karen doesn't know me at all, but she managed to nail everything I'd want for Christmas if money were truly no object. Seriously, all of you who know me in real life need to take some lessons from Karen. She's a woman who knows how to shop for me. You really must go over to Pulp Friction and see all the super cool loot I scored! And add her to your blogroll or at least your daily reading. She's good.

I'm the Secret Santa for Miss Alex of FonzieSox. Again, I don't know Miss Alex at all, but she seems to write three very fun blogs. I admire her creativity.

First, I'm from Illinois so I'm going to give her a gift from my home state. We seem to have an extra Senate Seat laying around and I'd like Miss Alex to have it.

Because Miss Alex will need a pad to crash in while fulfilling her duties as the Junior Senator from Illinois, I've bought her a little house called Evermay.

Miss Alex also deserves to travel across the universe in style anytime she wants, so I've bought her a Space Shuttle. She's got her choice of the Atlantis, Discovery or Endeavor. I just need to know which one she wants and where she'd like it delivered.

Finally, Mr. Ewan McGregor, at my request, has left his wife, and will now devote himself solely to satisfying the pleasures of Miss Alex.

Merry Christmas Miss Alex! I hope you like your gifts!


  1. Oh My God Holyyyyyyy Shiiiiznit.... It's like you know me like a sister... First the senate seat...then you rolled up with the shuttle and I swear I was ready to adopt you...but thet EWAN THING..... i'm not kidding... I dunno that I smiled this much all week....

    YOu are officially my new best friend!!!!!

  2. Well, thank you Miss Alex! I'm so very glad you like your Christmas gifts. I hope your hubby isn't upset about the Ewan thing. :)

    I love your blog and am adding you to my blogroll. I hope you'll be back to LMS.

  3. And this is hwat Christmas is all about, cool gifts, making new friends, and adding people to your blog roll. Thanks for playing!

  4. Please go back to my blog for my thank you.

    you blog is amazing I loved your gift so much please come back to fonzie I really really loved this :)

  5. P.S. my husband knows about my addiction to Ewan

  6. WTF!!!!! You cannot give my pretend boyfriend away in a make believe secret santa. Uh-uh. No way. No how.


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