Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bush Has Good Reflexes Going for Him, If Nothing Else

You simply must see this.

An Iraqi journalist threw his shoes at George Bush after calling him a dog, which is a huge insult.

The BBC also has a great story.

I know I promised that I wouldn't be snarky anymore, but this is so wonderful I simply couldn't help myself. Watch it over and over again. It's truly the gift that keeps on giving.


  1. Snort. Hahaha. It was pretty funny. And as you said - quite the insult.

  2. Yes, it was hysterical. If only the guy had hit him, it would have been over-the-top, wet your pants, fall out of your chair, hysterical.

  3. I saw this video and felt the overwhelming urge to scream:

    THIS!!!!!! IS!!!!! DODGEBALL!!!!! and kick something into a well.....


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