Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Christmas American Girl!

American Girl,

I am sorry you have become so unhinged over the fact that I gave your pretend boyfriend (Ewan McGregor) to Miss Alex for Christmas in our Virtual Secret Santa Extravaganza.

I hope that your pain will begin to subside during your stays in the Lincoln Bedroom at the White House any time you want during the Obama Administration. I've made special arrangements for you and a guest (but not Ewan McGregor, sorry) to be able to stay there as often as you'd like for the next 4-8 years.

Merry Christmas!

Little Merry Sunshine

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  1. Wow! So unexpected and unnecessary. You really shouldn't have (because my possessiveness in regards to my pretend boyfriend shouldn't be encouraged or, quite frankly, acknowledged) but I certainly appreciate it. Feel free to bunk out there whenever I'm unable to get to DC. Heck, even if I am there you could probably curl up on one of those couches. Oh, how the President will so enjoy hearing our thoughts on policy.

    And I understand you have to put in that caveat about who cannot stay there with me so as to not upset Miss Alex. Don't dispute that okay. It's all that's keeping me sane. (Why doesn't sane seem like the correct word?)

    Again, thanks much! Looks like someone has to do some cyber shopping after she cleans her house.

    American Girl


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