Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Best Dessert EVER

When I was a kid and we used to visit Nana and Reverand (he was a minister, her second husband, NOT my grandfather, and that's what everyone called him) in Crystal Beach, FL, every night after dinner, we'd have dessert. Dessert was a huge treat because we didn't usually have it at our house.

The dessert I remember most vividly at Nana's was vanilla ice cream with fresh peaches. Simple and sweet. Not overwhelming. Just right.

On my way home from Watervale, on Rte. 22, just south of Onekema, there's a great fruit and vegetable stand I always stop at. They have locally grown fruits and vegetables that I simply love. This weekend, they had peaches, so I grabbed a bunch knowing I'd have to get some vanilla ice cream.

I savored dessert last night wishing I was sharing the fresh peaches and ice cream with Nana.

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