Sunday, August 3, 2008

Question of the Day

Today I had a bunch of errands to run just like any typical weekend day. I had to run to Costco, followed by a trip to Target to return something, and then finally the grocery store for the first time in close to 3 weeks (I was gone one of those weeks, in my defense).

As I got back into my car at Target on my way to the grocery store, I realized I had forgotten my recyclable grocery bags. They're usually in my car, but I forgot to put them back. So I had to decide whether I should skip the bags and just use paper bags from Jewel that I can then use to recycle paper in OR should I drive 2 miles home, get the bags and drive 2 miles back to Jewel?

After 30 seconds of pondering which was worse for the environment - 4 extra miles of pollution or paper bags that I could reuse - I decided to head straight to the grocery store.

What would you do? Would you drive home, wasting gas and adding pollution to the environment on an already hot and sticky Chicago summer day OR would you go straight to the grocery store and use their free paper (or plastic) bags that you could reuse later?



  1. I know for myself and now that I am living with GG, we tend to do the same thing. We tend to use the free bags from the grocery store and then just re-use the plastic bags for all kinds of things from kitty litter to taking lunches into work.

    But we also keep forgetting out reusable bag too.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts Boxer!

    I LOVE the plastic veggie bags in the produce department for cat litter. They are perfect. When I had my garage sale a couple of weeks ago, I had been collecting plastic bags to put stuff in for my shoppers.

    I wonder if the food pantry could use some extra plastic or paper bags. I have to drop off food to them tomorrow. I think I'll take some with me.

  3. You can always recycle the plastic or paper bags. You can't recycle burned gas.


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