Monday, August 4, 2008

Slutty Barbie

When I was growing up, I wasn't allowed to have Barbie dolls. All my girlfriends had them, but no Barbie doll ever crossed the threshold of my house. My mom's reasoning was that Barbie promoted an unhealthy body image and she didn't want me to grow up with an unhealthy body image.

If only life were that simple and avoiding Barbie all those years would have saved me from hating my thighs and believing I was fat in junior high and high school when I was anything but.

But I digress.

Mattel is releasing a new Barbie doll next month called "Black Canary Barbie." I guess she's based on a DC Comic superhero of the same name, but she looks pretty dominatrix-like (NSFW - Mom, do NOT click that) to me.

What do you think? And what will today's Barbie teach the tweens of the 21st Century about their bodies and sexuality?

Black Canary Barbie aka "Sultry Barbie" aka "Slutty Barbie"

And "regular" Barbie.


  1. I agree with you that looks pretty slutty to me. So it is not appropriate as a kid's toy, but for comic book fans who are adults, I guess they are old enough to make their own decisions.

  2. Black Canary is my favorite comic book character ^ ^;. She is defiantly not a slut, she doesn't put up with anything when guys hit on her and can kick some serious ass :). I dunno ,I just think she is so cool. But I hate that Mattel gave her natural blond looking hair because in the story she dyes it blond so it should be bright yellow....

  3. Black Canary Barbie is designed for adut collectors, not for kids, besides that she has been included in the black label, which especifies that those dolls are for adult collectors, so please inform yourself before attack Barbie with the same words that everyone, your post is a complete lost of time.

  4. Silvana,

    You read the post and commented on it. Don't complain to me that your time was wasted. You chose to waste it.

    Whether Black Canary Barbie has a black label or not, Barbie is still a kid's toy. Period. You and I obviously agree that this "toy" isn't appropriate for kids. So I'm not really sure what your point is.


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