Monday, August 17, 2009

Do You Read Margaret & Helen?

You should. They are terrific. They write a little blog titled "Margaret and Helen: Best Friends for Sixty Years and Counting . . . " I love it.

I've been reading Margaret and Helen since before the election, thanks to the amazing blog roll of Dr. Monkey von Monkerstein.

The other day, Helen wrote a brilliant post titled "I Remember An America Where Black Men Didn't Grow Up to Be President." It's a must read. So just go do it.


  1. I doubt that Margaret and Helen are real people, but they still crack me up, too.

  2. Well, this being the internet, any of us could be fake . . . I'm not and it's pretty darn easy to figure that out. I'm also not saying you are fake because I don't think you are, I'm just saying any of us could be.

    Ya, they make me laugh hysterically all the time. I sure do hope they're real though. I simply love the idea of two doddering little old ladies being so sassy on the web.


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