Saturday, August 1, 2009

Snuggies for Dogs!

Does your best friend get a little chilly and nervous about going out during Chicago's sub-zero weather? For that matter, is your pooch ever a bit cold around the house?


Then I've got the perfect gift for you!

For just $14.95, plus $7.95 shipping, you can accessorize your dog in the hottest fashion item around: The Snuggie!

And what's even better, you can get a second Snuggie for free AND two free recordable dog tags! PLUS you can choose between blue and pink! Just imagine how your pet will feel walking around the neighborhood in the ultra-chic Snuggie or snuggling with you at home in your matching Snuggies!

My favorite line of the commercial: "It's just too cute for words." Um, okay. I guess that's one way to put it.

And, yes, of course, my friends with dogs can fully expect to receive this from Betsey, Ross, and Me, this Christmas. I've already ordered them all . . . in pink. Really. There's no need to thank me.


  1. They should have called them Puggies. I guess, though, that would have alienated the people that own the non-pug breeds.

    You know, I think this qualifies as the dumbest comment I've ever made.

  2. There are no dumb comments. I think Puggies is a cute name!

  3. But better than that, imagine your Puggie Wearing His Snuggie! ROFLMAO! Oh God. I completely amuse and entertain myself.

  4. Now they need Snuggies for cows, horses and gerbils! Snuggies are taking over the world.

  5. I understand why people need Snuggies. They are so broke they cannot afford to turn on the heat. A Snuggie for their pets might be a luxury item too far in these trying times.

  6. Well, by that logic, if I can't afford to turn on the heat in my house, then Betsey and Ross would get cold too. So many a Snuggie for them (or dogs) would be a good idea and $14.95 for 2 is a pretty inexpensive way to stay warm. It might not be too big of a luxury. Maybe I should stop making fun of it and start trying to convince Betsey and Ross that they'll be glad to have their Snuggies this winter when it's 40 degrees in our house.

  7. You do realize that they dogs and cats have fur, don't you? ;)

  8. Yes, I do realize that. Thanks for asking though. Really.

    Seriously, although they have fur, they might get cold. In fact, when it's REALLY cold out, the news people always say not to let your pets outside.

    Look, I'm not saying I'd actually humiliate my cats by making them wear a Snuggie, but I can see how it could keep them warm.

  9. Anytime I'm being a smartass I misspell something.


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