Monday, August 17, 2009

Hot Jimmy

Sometimes I have the most fun when I least expect it.

Take today for example. Mom and I were supposed to go over to Caladesi Island, one of my favorite places in the world, but due to a mix-up, she had to stay put in Crystal Beach. I, however, needed an adventure, so off I went to run errands and find some of my old stomping ground from when I was little.

I was headed towards my first stop in Tarpon Springs, the funeral home to pick up Nana's death certificates, when I saw a sign for Howard Park. Howard Park is a beautiful park and beach that we visited every summer as kids when we visited Nana. I hadn't been there in probably 20 years, but I figured since I'd seen one sign pointing me in the right direction, I'd surely find it with ease. Fifteen minutes later and I still hadn't found it, but I did manage to discover mom's high school, which was fun. Then I stumbled upon the bayous where the Greek boys dive for the gold cross every Epiphany and the church with all the George Inness paintings, both places I wanted to see anyway. Many people think Thomas Kinkade as the "painter of light" (because that's what he calls himself), but that's only because they don't know anything about George Inness who painted a full century before Thomas Kinkade. I love when my intuition just takes me places.

After a few errands, I decided it was time for lunch and only one place was calling my name: Waffle House. Waffle House #406 to be exact. I eat at this Waffle House every time I'm in town. Don't ask why. I honestly can't explain my fascination with Waffle House, but I love it every so often. I walked in and much to my surprise there was a very hot young man waiting to seat me. His name was Jimmy, although I nicknamed him Hot Jimmy. When I looked around, the restaurant was full of strapping young hot men and I did a double take to make sure I had walked into the Waffle House and not Chippendales. What had me confused is that while normally the waitstaff at Waffle House is very kind and efficient, it usually consists of Flo wannabes and not strapping hot young men.

As Hot Jimmy provided some of the best Waffle House service I've ever received, I learned from a co-worker that his shift had actually ended an hour before I arrived, so I asked him why he was still hanging out at work. His response was perfect: "I stayed so I could hang out with you!" Awwwwww.

Yes, Hot Jimmy made my day. He even let me take his picture to share with all of you, so his hotness can make your day too.

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  1. If the Waffle House actually staffed these men at my local Waffle Houses in Houston, I'd go a hell of a lot more often...


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