Friday, January 9, 2009

Congressman Mark Kirk (R-IL 10th) Must Hate Women

I know I promised I'd work on being less snarky after the historic election of President-elect Barack Obama and lately I haven't entirely lived up to that promise. This post isn't going to live up to that promise either. On the one hand, we have a lot to be grateful for today, but on the otherhand, we have a douchebag of a Congressman and that's not such great news because we deserve better.

The Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 passed the House of Representatives today 247-171 (15 Congressmen/women abstained). You'll recall that this is the law that spanks the Supreme Court for its ridiculous ruling allowing women an incredibly short time to sue for discrimination even if they didn't find out about the discrimination for years after it started.

Wanna guess how Mark Kirk voted? He voted NO.

That's right. Mark Kirk voted no, just like he did in 2007.

Just before that, the House voted 256-163 (14 abstentions) in favor of the Paycheck Fairness Act which stiffens penalties against companies that discriminate based on a person's gender.

You're probably not surprised to learn that Kirk also voted NO on this bill again, just as he did in 2008.

Don't ask me why he hates women so much, but he obviously does.

I'd like Rep. Kirk to remember that I will remember this in 2010 when he is up for re-election and I will make sure every woman I know is aware of his misogyny. That's my campaign promise to him.


  1. Fucker.

    I thought I'd heard he was interested in running for Senator Burris' seat in two years.

  2. I don't know if he's planning to run for Senator Burris's seat in 2 years, but he was very interested in running for the seat right now if the GOP had managed to get a special election for it before Blago appointed Senator Burris.

    How can he give such a big FU to 1/2 of the voters in his district and in the state?

  3. I just edited the personal statement of a young woman who was an intern for him. I had to have her rewrite the whole thing because it was nothing but a PR piece about how great he was. She kinda missed the entire purpose of a personal statement for grad school.


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