Saturday, January 31, 2009

Think You Know Everything About Me? You Don't

I keep getting tagged on Facebook with the “25 Random Things About Me” meme, even though I did it the other day. So in honor of my friends who missed my answers the first time, here are 25 more completely random things about me.

1. My favorite decadent treat is these amazing little individual caramels from Lake Forest Food and Wine. Whenever I’m in Lake Forest, I stop by and buy them 10 or more at a time. They’re huge, so I cut them in ½ when I get home, re-wrap them individually and then allow myself no more than 1 a day.

2. My house burned down when I was 10 and while it was horrible, I kinda enjoyed being a gypsy for 6 months. We mostly lived at the Hilton by Arlington Park (Sheraton now) though. Yep, I was Eloise.

3. I’m the one who discovered the fire in the back corner of the garage. No, I didn’t set it, although a fireman accused me and my brother of that.

4. And in a moment of absolute stupidity, I ran into house to get my favorite green stuffed rabbit that I couldn’t live without.

5. I’ll never forget watching the firemen on the roof with chainsaws and seeing the enormous ball of fire fly out of the garage causing all the firemen in the driveway to hit the ground. Luckily, no one was injured.

6. I’ve never had a speeding ticket (but fully realize that I will now, now that I’ve bragged about it).

7. Despite the fact that he’s not exactly my “type,” I have had a completely unhealthy crush on the character Josh Lyman (played brilliantly by Bradley Whitford) from The West Wing since it first aired in 1999. I just figured out why.

8. I’ve only been outside of the US once. I was 10 and we went to the Bahamas. I really want to go to Paris.

9. My friend Brad Meltzer interviewed me for his latest book, The Book of Lies, and used at least 1 story from my life in the book. He also mentioned me in the Acknowledgements, which was a huge and wonderful surprise.

10. I drank the Obama Kool-aid in 2002 when I met him.

11. If I don’t get to Watervale each summer, I feel incomplete.

12. I could eat Thai food every day.

13. I’ve kept all the love letters I ever received and enjoy sitting down and reading them every so often.

14. My brother Dave is one of my best friends.

15. My favorite time of day is sunrise. Despite this, I’m not a morning person at all.

16. I gave the graduation speech at my junior high graduation. My mom and Nana were also their high school valedictorians. It runs in the family.

17. I can’t stand horror films. I have horrible dreams after I watch them.

18. I also believe in ghosts and if you tell me a house or building is haunted, I won’t sleep all night because I’m scared.

19. I had my appendix out when I was 11. Luckily, my mom didn’t listen to my doctor who thought I just had cramps.

20. I am deathly afraid of needles.

21. I’m certain this irrational fear stems from the last time I gave blood in college and the person doing it couldn’t find a vein. I had bruises all over both arms and then bled really slowly so it took forever. I started to hyperventilate, but thanks to a very cute boy who came over and distracted me, I was fine.

22. My mother, however, would tell you I’ve been afraid of needles since I was a kid.

23. The last time I wrote a letter to Santa was in 2007. Yes, I was 36. And, yes, I know there’s no Santa, but I figured it couldn’t hurt. It didn’t work. The letter is on my blog.

24. I used to be a Republican and was the Secretary of College Republicans in college. I saw the error of my ways shortly after that.

25. I spent the last day I lived in DC touring the West Wing of the White House, thanks to my friend Karen. It’s not part of the regular tour. The only disappointment I had was that we weren’t allowed to take any pics except for in the press room or outside, but I love the picture of me standing behind the podium with the seal of the White House over my shoulder.


  1. Go to Paris. Start saving change in a jar marked "Paris" and pick a date. You must go to Paris.

  2. This was amazing to read. I am so behind on reading any blogs, glad I chose this!! Wow I so love that photo.

    I am so intrigued about the Brad Meltzer book - how cool is that?!

    Go to Paris. Seriously. Just go as soon as you can. No one ever regrets Paris. I have a blogfriend in Chicagoland who almost has second residence in Paris and would be a source of much info, if you want to connect to him, let me know.

    The fire... Wow. I just posted about the horrible fires in Australia, you understand this loss first hand.

    And to that - I have actually been to and stayed at that Sheraton in Arlington Heights. I used to go to Chicago all the time, I wish I had known you then so we could meet. One day we will!

    You are an amazing human being, a real light. I am deeply grateful to know you in any way.

  3. American Girl & Fran,

    Thank you both for your beautiful words. You both inspire me and I am eternally grateful that I know you both.



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