Wednesday, January 7, 2009

If "Today" Had Any Balls, They Would Ban Her For Life

Okay, I'm going to try to get through this entire post without once typing her name. I think you know the woman of which I speak. She's that narcissistic, racist with shapely legs (which she always highlights in an almost too-short-to-be-legal micro-mini skirt) and long blonde hair who somehow has a career despite being one of the most hateful puppets of the Far Right.

Yes, next time, I'll let you know what I really think and not withhold my feelings.

Anyway, she was on the Today Show this morning to discuss some new cat litter box liner book she has just released. Now I haven't read it, nor will I. I would rather spend a day shoving daggers in my eyes.

Matt Lauer called her out on her allegation that single mothers are the cause of "almost all" of society's ills. Really. That's what she says. And single moms, she claims, are the result of the nasty liberals killing marriage over the last few decades. Crime? It's the fault of single moms. Drugs? Blame the single moms! Rape? Those damn single moms. Poverty? Single moms AGAIN. Illiteracy? Single moms fault.

I'd like to point out to her that our President-elect was raised by a single mom. Of course, as much as his single mom, he was raised by a village (to paraphrase Hillary Clinton) and he turned out pretty well. He did not opt for a life of crime and drugs. In fact, he is pretty much the epitome of what we want for a husband and father. And he has called on all men out there to step up to their responsibilities as fathers.

Furthermore, it's this crazy woman's party's Vice Presidential candidate - Sarah Palin - who's teenage high school student daughter got herself knocked up. And she's not married to the father.

Finally, our current idiot in chief, seems to have never been weaned from his married parents. So what's his excuse for being the colossal failure that he is?

I'm sick of these people who insist on blaming liberals for all of the world's problems without even looking at themselves in the mirror and seeing their own hypocrisy and racism.

Now that Today has kowtowed to her, would they please go ahead and ban her for life? Her 15 minutes of fame were up years ago.

Dan Quayle has been out of office for 16 years. It's time to retire his shtick.


  1. I'd hardly call her matchstick legs "shapely." I'd call them disgusting but not shapely.

  2. Well, it's my constant goal never to look at them - I was almost blinded the last time I did by accident. I called them shapely because she must think they are since she always dresses to show them off. But I'll go with your description.

  3. Just watched the clip...well a lttle more than half of it, I mean, that's time I'm not getting back...

    Where to start? Her whole argument regarding single motherhood is so fucking bizarre and simplistic. about the crazy anti-cnoice folks who encourage unwed women to bear children instead of getting an abortion? These same folks also discourage the use of birth control among teenagers. Remember that big convention in Minnesota last August? Where thousands of this country's staunchest conservatives praised Bristol Palin's decision to become an unwed, teenage mother.

    Oh, and on behalf of all the people, like say Barack Obama and Stephen Colbert and my best friend, who were raised by single mothers, let me say a big, "Fuck you, Ann." Single parenthood does not guarantee a future in prison.

    Okay, I'm just going to keep ranting...must take shower...must try to get clean...will bleaching my eyes and ears getting rid of the foul memory of her?

  4. American Girl,

    Yes, I'm sorry about that . . . about the time you'll never get back, I mean. I was accosted with her venom this morning before 7:15am!

    You are 100% correct about the Radical Right and their war on birth control. It's not just teenagers they don't want to use birth control - it's everyone. Their war on choice isn't just about abortion, it's about the use of birth control too.

    There's an interesting book you might enjoy. It's called "How the Pro-Choice Movement Saved America Freedom - Freedom, Politics, and the War on Sex" by Christina Page.


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